Bad News – ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ May Have Revealed The Death Of A Fan Favorite Hero

Thor: Ragnarok proved itself to be the funniest Marvel film to hit theaters, making audiences roar with laughter and, before they knew it, feeling the emotion and pain of our heroes like Thor and Loki. The film was also notable for its number of cameos and Easter Eggs, such as a quick appearance by Stan Lee, a subtle reference to Throg, and seeing a video of Black Widow.

One major area for Easter Eggs in Ragnarok was the Grandmaster’s palace on Sakaar. The towering building was decorated with heads of the Grandmaster’s previous and current Champions, with Hulk, the current Champion, right on top of it all.

The sculpted faces of previous champions, underneath Hulk, were actually quite familiar for some of the more indulged Marvel fans. Some of the most notable faces were those of Man-Thing and Bi-Beast, two obscure Marvel characters that we really did not expect to see appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There was one character on this tower, however, that stood out a bit more than the others:

Beta Ray Bill

Tower in Ragnarok.png

The Grandmaster’s Tower in Thor: Ragnarok [Credit: Marvel Studios]

On the left side of the tower in the image above, there is a horse-like face that protrudes father than the others. This is the face of Beta Ray Bill, the horse-like superhero who is worthy of Mjolnir and would often fight side-by-side with Thor in the comics. This is a character that fans have been requesting to see on the big screen for years.

There was a rumor going around for some time that Beta Ray Bill was shown briefly in Guardians of the Galaxy in the Collector’s shop. However, director James Gunn spoke about this directly and chose to deny these rumors, and that the alien in question was not actually Beta Ray Bill.

The appearance of Beta Ray Bill’s face on the tower would show that, at some point, he was the Grandmaster’s champion in the arena. While this seems fine and dandy, it also means that Beta Ray Bill is now likely to be dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From what we gathered from Thor: Ragnarok, the Grandmaster only has one true Champion at a time, with it being Hulk during the events of the movie. It was also revealed by Korg that no one who faces the Champion and loses comes out of it alive (Rest in Peace, Doug).

This would mean that, if Beta Ray Bill was the Champion right before Hulk, which is certainly possible based on how high his face is on the tower, that the horse-like hero was smashed to death by the green Avenger. Even if it wasn’t Hulk who defeated Bill, any other previous Champion likely could have been the one to ultimately kill the horse-like hero. Either way, it is likely that Beta Ray Bill’s first brief appearance is also likely to be his last.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!

[Top Photo Credit: Marvel Studios]

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