Star Wars Boss Kathleen Kennedy Reveals Rey’s Father To Be Chewbacca?! (Hopefully This Is A Joke)

Since the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in late 2015, there has been one major question fans have been asking: who is Rey’s father? Some people speculate it is Luke; others speculate it is Obi Wan (or that he is at least her grandfather); in fact there are some who speculate that her father is Supreme Leader Snoke. Whoever it is, we are likely to find out this December when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters.

However, it looks as though the answer to this burning question has come a month and a half early, from the mouth of Lucasfilm President and Star Wars Producer Kathleen Kennedy. And the answer is not something any of us expected.

Here is an excerpt from her interview with Andi Gutierrez on The Star Wars Show earlier today:

Andi: “That’s really interesting. So Chewie’s actually Rey’s father. Huh.”

Kennedy: “Oh yeah.”

Andi: “You’d never see that coming”

Kennedy: “Yeah, I know.”

We can all hope that this revelation is actually a joke that Kennedy and the YouTube host came up with for their show. As shocking of a twist as it would be to discover that Chewbacca was really Rey’s father all along, it is rather unlikely, mainly when you consider Rey’s lack of body hair.

The interview continued to talk about multiple other Star Wars related topics, many of them giving hope to the future of the franchise, both for The Last Jedi and Solo. Here is what Kathleen Kennedy had to say:

“It’s been pretty great. We literally just finished what was “Red Cup” and we now know as Solo, which Ron Howard just announced recently. And we’re right on the verge of releasing The Last Jedi. That is something we’re incredibly excited about and I think the fans are getting excited.

“You know, I have to say, Rian Johnson is… I don’t have enough accolades to say about him. He just had an amazingly good time every single day. He’s such a huge fan and I think he’s done an exceptional job of taking these new characters and some of the legacy characters and moving us to this next place. And I think there’ll be some surprises that people aren’t expecting.”

Obviously, things are looking good for Star Wars and the rest of Lucasfilm. There has been a lot of doubt surrounding Solo, with their first directors being fired several months into production, and having to re-shoot most of the film for almost twice the budget under Ron Howard. It is wonderful to hear some actual good news coming from the progress of that film.

Kennedy goes on to share what she considers to be one of the most notable parts of The Last Jedi for her, that in her mind really shows how fantastic of a job director Rian Johnson had done on the project:

“There’s a brief little moment in The Last Jedi where there’s a little porg and then there’s a little baby porg next to the porg… It doesn’t get better than that. A baby porg.”


[Credit: Lucasfilm]

Since the Porgs were first revealed at San Diego Comic Con, the Internet has gone on a Porg-loving frenzy, with many Porg-related products, such as Funko Pop!s, being sold out the first day the merchandise had been released. However, we have yet to see any revelations online of how cute a baby porg really is. I don’t know about you, but I am very excited to see how much cuter a baby porg is than the full grown porgs we’ve been seeing the last few months.

All-in-all, the future of Star Wars is very promising. President Kathleen Kennedy has done a fantastic job at rejuvenating the franchise, keeping fans like myself hopeful for the future of the series.

Who do you think is Rey’s father? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!

[Top Photo Credit: Lucasfilm]

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