The Bella Twins New Brand Launch Leaves Much To Be Desired… And Fans Are Sounding Off On Twitter

As the Total Divas theme song puts it, the Bella Twins, Nikki and Brie are on top of the world! Not only are they top performers in the WWE’s Women’s Division, but their E! Network reality show Total Bellas just finished its second season with Brie giving birth to her and WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan’s first daughter, Birdieand Nikki getting engaged to WWE Superstar John Cena at Wrestlemania along the way.

The twins most recent venture, Birdiebee Brand, is a clothing line with the purpose to

“…create and cultivate a brand community that will empower and educate women on a global scale.”


With the recent “Women’s Revolution” in wrestling, it is fitting that the two want to continue to inspire women and girls outside of the ring, but fans of the brand have sounded off on social media with some ciriticism (and they just launched today!)


The Birdiebee clothing line has a wide range of items ranging from underwear to graphic tees and tank tops as well as athletic gear such as shorts and leggings but be prepared to dish out 48 DOLLARS FOR A TANK TOP! Some fans were not impressed:

The pricing issues go far beyond their clothing. Unfortunately, those hoping to purchase from Birdiebee outside of the US are going to pay more for shipping than they will for their clothes!

Many have pointed out the possible reasoning for the overpriced clothes. One of the company’s core values, or #birdiebeeisms as they coined, is BEE Giving. During the next 2 months, a portion of sales will be donated to Dress for Success, a charity that provides women with the tools they need to become successful, independent and empowered. Though many cannot justify spending that much on a pretty simple tank top or t-shirt, at least you know a portion (it’s unknown exactly what percentage goes to charity) will go to a good cause. As for shipping costs, we can only hope that Nikki and Brie will listen to these comments and make some changes!

Lack of Diversity

Companies have been called out for lack of diversity in their online models so frequently that it is surprising this was not thought of by the Bellas when creating their brand and website. I highly doubt that they are trying to be exclusive or make a statement about race or size, but when your brand is all about empowering women, and even claims to have something for everyone, those who are excluded can certainly see this as a jab rather than an innocent oversight. Furthermore, there are no plus sized items!


Representatives of the brand have commented back to these comments stating that plus sizes will be added to the collection “soon.” But as the brand has just launched and has been hyped up on social media, it is just disappointing for those who have to wait.

Fans Are Still Showing Support

Perhaps they jumped the gun on the launch of Birdiebee, but for those who have made purchases as well as fans who have not, many have shown support for the Bella Twins as women, wrestlers and entrepreneurs.

Birdiebee is Just Getting Started!

Despite these few obvious flaws, the brand has only launched TODAY! Nikki and Brie are so passionate about this project that they’ll likely listen to the feedback of their fans and make some adjustments. We can’t wait to see what Nikki and Brie do in the future for Birdiebee and beyond! What do you think of the new Birdiebee line? Let us know in the comments below!

[Top Photo Credit: WWE]

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