Will The Elder Scrolls 6 Be Set In This Fan Favorite Location of Tamriel?

The Elder Scrolls has grown from being a small RPG adventure game to a behemoth, one of the most revered fantasy game franchises of all time. With Skyrim having sold 30 million units, as well as being one of the most lauded and well-reviewed games in recent memory, it is only a matter of time until the next installment of the franchise is released. There’s currently not a wealth of information out there regarding the as-of-yet untitled sixth installment of the Bethesda series — there is only conjecture and one particularly burning question that keeps popping up: Where will the game take place?

Most of the ElderScroll games have been set in different locations throughout the world of Tamriel. The series’ first sequel Daggerfall was located in the provinces of High Rock and Hammerfell. Morrowind was primarily set on the isle of Vvardenfell, while Oblivian was in Cyrodiil, and Skyrim was located in Skyrim, natch.

Credit: Bethesda

Credit: Bethesda

When examining a map of Tamriel, it’s clear there are a few provinces that have yet to be mined for the games. They are Argonia, Redwood and Valenwood. Some fans have been clamoring for a game based on the full map of Morrowind, believing this is a possibility because the third game only took place on one isle and not the province’s mainland. However, there are a few good reasons why Black Marsh is the most likely location for Elder Scrolls VI.

The Aesthetic Quality

Credit: Bethesda

Credit: Bethesda

Elder Scrolls games are known for being highly detailed and easy on the eyes, with many players logging on just to walk around and explore. Skyrim‘s gorgeous world took this to another level. If Argonia and Black Marsh were used as the next game’s backdrop, it would allow for a continuation of this aesthetic quality. Black Marsh is mostly comprised of swamps and forests, a land filled with waterways, ponds, vast lakes, dark caverns and lush scenery, while also home to some great ruins. A fully rendered Black Marsh would make for a stunningly scenic world to explore.

Abundance Of New Storylines

Credit: Bethesda

Credit: Bethesda

While many people simply know the Argonians as “the lizard people,” they have a rich and interesting history in the Black Marsh. There are at least three factions of #Argonians living in the swamps, organized into the Imperial Legion, Shadowscales and primitive Naga tribes. There’s the possibility of exploring the lore of a very inhuman race that is vastly different to what has been featured in previous games.

New Gameplay Mechanics

Credit: Bethesda

Credit: Bethesda

Each Elder Scrolls game has sought to include new mechanics. With Argonians being reptilian and adapted to the water, it would make sense for Elder Scrolls VI to feature advanced oceanic combat and movement. How amazingly cool if the game created an underwater world to explore, including quests and locations where one could engage in combat? While swimming and water combat have been included in small measure in previous games, Elder Scrolls VI could bring the life aquatic to a whole new level, essentially doubling the size of the Tamriel map.

The Waiting Game

Using the Black Marsh and Argonia as the backdrop for the highly anticipated next game would allow The Elder Scrolls fans to explore fresh and exciting locations. While Bethesda is not yet in official development on the open-world RPG fantasy epic, many gamers expect it to be announced in late 2017, with a release pegged for 2019.

Credit: Bethesda

Credit: Bethesda

 Tell us in the comments section if there is a particular location in the world of Tamriel you would like to see explore in Elder Scrolls VI.


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