Do These New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Funko Pop!s Reveal The Death Of The Resistance?

This year, Star Wars celebrated its second “Force Friday,” the day the brand new Star Wars toys were released in stores. Two years ago, on the franchise’s very first Force Friday, Star Wars released their new The Force Awakens toys, and 2017 has followed suit in boasting new merchandise for The Last Jedi.

However, movie merchandise has often revealed spoilers for upcoming movies, and the Last Jedi‘s Funko Pop!s could be another example this ongoing trend.

What Happened To The Resistance?

Funko has released three and four packs of their Pop!s featuring heroes and villains. For villains sets are titled “First Order Packs,” while the hero sets are peculiarly titled “Rebel Packs.” At first glance, there’s nothing strange about that title, until you remember that the alliance led by General Leia are now called the Resistance, and the Rebel Alliance was exclusive to the original trilogy.

If the heroes are now being coined as rebels once again, it could be dire news for the Resistance. The terminology could unfortunately mean that the First Order has finally taken control of the galaxy, much like the Empire, after the destruction of the Republic in The Force Awakens.

The Resistance, after all, was put together by the Republic in order to fight off the First Order. With the Republic now gone, along with their resources, there’s a good chance that the Resistance has had to reform a version of the Rebel Alliance.

Further proof of this theory is that the Funko Pop of Leia is no longer titled General Leia, as she was back in 2015. Instead, the fan favorite is now labelled once again as Princess Leia.

This could further provide proof of the fall of the Resistance, as the only reason Leia was a General to begin with was so she could lead the Resistance. Without a Resistance to operate, Leia would technically no longer be a General. Furthermore, the only Funko product that mentions the Resistance is a Walmart-exclusive BB-unit.

However, it’s important to note that this does not fully prove that the Resistance has fallen. Perhaps, in order to boost sales, Funko has titled their products with their most recognizable names. Casual fans who still know Leia as “Princess Leia,” are more likely to purchase a Princess Leia product than one labeled “General Leia”, and those who don’t remember what the Resistance is can still easily identify the Rebel Alliance.

Whether the heroes are now actually Rebels once again, or if these Pop!s were just given simplified names to boost sales, The Last Jedi still appears to be a promising sequel with many twists and turns. The answer to this mystery won’t be solved until December when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters – so until then, it’s all speculation.

Do you think we will see the fall of the Resistance in The Last Jedi? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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