Super Mario Odyssey: Every Captain Toad Location Revealed

Super Mario Odyssey is chock full of different, unique ways to retrieve Power Moons, which are key to completing the game. Whether you get one by completing a level, helping someone out, finding a secret location, or battling random bosses, there seem to be an infinity way of collecting all 800+ Power Moons.

This game also includes a few scattered cameos from Captain Toad, one of Peach’s former servants who managed to get his own spin-off game. In Odyssey, Captain Toad is back and is hiding in almost all of the worlds of the game. The best part is, if you find him, he will give you a Power Moon! How he came across these Power Moons in the first place, we may never know, but when it comes to being gifted Power Moons, it is best not to ask questions.

Tracking down Captain Toad’s different locations is likely one of the easiest and most efficient ways to progress through the game, if you can successfully find all 14 of his hiding spots. Fortunately, we’ve got a cheat sheet. Here is every location you can find Captain Toad at in Super Mario Odyssey

1. Cap Kingdom Toad

You’ll have to wait until after you reach Cascade Kingdom to find this Toad. Once Cascade is unlocked, you will need to find your way to the top of Top-Hat tower, either by climbing it or by warping to the top. This is where you will find the first of many Captain Toads.

2. Cascade Kingdom Toad

This one is located in the first boss arena of Cascade Kingdom, and can only be reached once you’ve beaten Madame Brood. On the left side of the arena (from the point of view of the entrance), you will need to drop down to the platform where there is a large metal block. Continue dropping down these blocks until you eventually find Captain Toad himself.

3. Sand Kingdom Toad

For this one, you will need to possess Lakitu. To do this, I would recommend visiting the Oasis. From there, travel over the dunes until you find a large cactus patch. Start fishing through the patch until you find the largest shadow in the bunch: this is Captain Toad! Once you fish him out of the cacti, he will officially be rescued, and the Power Moon will be yours!

4. Lake Kingdom Toad

Deep under the sea, Captain Toad is very preoccupied staring at large, glowing rocks for some reason. All you have to do here is find him. To do this, simply possess a Cheep Cheep and swim to the very bottom of the lake. He should be pretty easy to find from there.

5. Wooded Kingdom Toad

Once you beat both bosses in this Kingdom, head on over to the “Secret Flower Field Entrance” warp flag. As soon as you warp through the flag, head over to the Observation Deck (behind you). From here, you will need to possess a flying character and fly over to Toad, who is stranded on a floating deck.

6. Lost Kingdom Toad

This Toad is probably one of the hardest to find. To start, head over to the spiraling columns and possess a Wiggler. Now you’ll need to head behind the large tree, making your way through the poison bog. Look across the green wall hidden behind the tree until you find a small, square hole. If you crawl through this hole, you will find Captain Toad, who somehow got himself stuck inside.

7. Metro Kingdom Toad


Captain Toad in New Donk City [Credit: Nintendo]

This one is a bit easier to find than the Lost Kingdom Toad. To start, head behind New Donk City’s City Hall using the warp flag. Once you manage to get behind the City Hall, find and smash through the large stack of boxes. This will reveal a metal path that you will need to follow in order to once again find Captain Toad.

8. Snow Kingdom Toad

To start, you will need to defeat the Snow Kingdom’s boss and unlock the upper half of the Kingdom. From here, run along the outside wall until you come across a large gap. All you need to do from here is fling Cappy the hat inside the gap of the ice wall, where he will find Captain Toad, who we can assume is absolutely freezing.

9. Seaside Kingdom Toad

As soon as your ship lands in Seaside Kingdom, you’ll need to possess an octopus. From here, start following the platforms leading behind the ship. After a bit of following these platforms around the Kingdom, you will finally make your way to Captain Toad, who waits patiently at the end of the path.

10. Luncheon Kingdom Toad

To rescue Captain Toad this time around, you will need to possess a fire-based character. The easiest way to reach Captain Toad is to head over to the Cookatiel Showdown area and begin following the platforms in this area. This will soon lead you to Captain Toad, who is stuck on a peak in the pink lava. You will need to use your fire character to launch yourself up at him and retrieve his glorious Power Moon.

11. Bowser’s Kingdom Toad

This Toad is surprisingly one of the easiest to retrieve. On the right half of Bowser’s castle is a small building with a yellow roof. All you’ll need to do is break through the roof and Toad’s Power Moon will be yours!

12. Moon Kingdom Toad

Once you’ve defeated Bowser once and for all and completed the main story of the game, the easiest Captain Toad will be revealed. While in the Moon Kingdom, head on over to the group of character celebrating near the Odyssey Ship. Believe it or not, Captain Toad is just hanging out in this group of friends, and all you have to do is talk to him and he’ll hand over his Power Moon. That was easy!

13. Mushroom Kingdom Toad

Even back at his home, Captain Toad is still hiding. This time, he is on top of the rooftop of the shop. However, this is a bit to high for Mario to reach alone. To rescue Captain Toad this time around, you will need to possess Yoshi, who can jump off of the mushroom behind the shop to get you on top of the roof.

14. Dark Side of the Moon Kingdom Toad

This Toad is not accessible until you defeat all four bosses of this Kingdom. Once you’ve defeated the four villains, head to the oversized carrot and start climbing! Captain Toad is hiding in a small recess beside the fifth door of this location.

How many Captain Toads have you found so far? Let me know in the comments, and happy hunting!

Source: Gameranx

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