‘It’: Did Annabelle Make A Sneaky Appearance In The Latest Stephen King Adaptation?

The world is raving and rushing to theaters to see It, the latest movie adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novel of the same name. The remake is exceeding all expectations, both with critics and at the box office, and it seems that there’s nothing standing in the way of Pennwise and the Losers Club returning for Chapter 2 in 2019. With so much happening for Stephen King’s It, it’s also nice to sit back and experience the little things this film has to offer.

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead for It (2017)

Fans of the novel immediately caught many of the adaptation’s references and cameos, including nods to Maturin and the turtle arch-nemesis of Pennywise (which is also one of the guardians of the Dark Tower).

With all of the Easter Eggs to Stephen King’s work in the film, it was surprising to see another inclusion that wasn’t connected to Stephen King at all.

Was That Annabelle In Pennywise’s Lair?

During the climax of the film, the Losers Club found their way to Pennywise’s lair, deep in the sewers under Derry. In this lair, there was a giant pile of junk that was at least 100 feet high, with bodies circling around it. There was a lot of junk in this pile, and it’s hard to imagine the work that the art department put into this scene. However, it would appear that they used this complex sequence to their advantage by having a little fun with the junk pile.

When Bill circled around the pile looking for Georgie, shortly before the rest of the Losers arrived, we get a glimpse of a familiar face on Pennywise’s pile. Laying on the edge of Pennywise’s pile of junk is a pale-looking doll with tattered orange hair that is the spitting image of Annabelle, the Satanic “monster” from The Conjuring.


[Credit: Blumhouse Productions]

While there is no way to confirm whether this doll is actually Annabelle or not, but the similarities between these dolls are suspiciously similar. It should be noted that both IT and Annabellewere made under New Line Cinemas, so there would have been nothing legally standing in the way of the art team throwing Annabelle into the mix – and this connection may have even another reason why Annabelle makes a brief appearance. It would also make sense for Annabelle to feature, as Annabelle and IT are undoubtedly two of the most successful franchises in the horror genre in recent memory.

While there’s a chance this creepy looking doll could have been just any creepy looking doll, I’m betting that it was the one and only Annabelle. Surprise background cameos like this are not unheard of, and her appearance would have added to the madness within Pennywise’s un-Earthly lair.

Did you spot Annabelle in IT? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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