How Cuphead Has Shifted The Way We View Video Games For The Good.

Video games have seemed to be going a bit stale in recent years. How many times is a company going to slap together an epic, over the top FPS littered with micro-transactions? In all fairness, a decent amount of gems have been produced in this time span and with the over-saturation of very similar game concepts anything original and fresh stands out in a bevy of ways.  This is exactly what Cuphead by Studio MDHR is able to accomplish.

Cuphead Is Everything We Love About Gaming.

Cuphead-co-opEverything you want from a video game”  [Credit: StudioHDMR Entertainment]

The areas where Cuphead shines are obviously in the visual department but you really don’t need to me tell you that. The first time you lay your eyes on Cuphead your eyes are instantly met with a plethora of different 1930’s era animation that is unmatched in style and aesthetic pleasure. Where I appreciate Cuphead however, is the return of the epic 2-D sidescrollers of my childhood. Every level feels like a game of Contra with a splash of Sonic The Hedgehog 2’s Dr. Robotinik boss fights and it is epic as they come.

The fantastic job that this game does at engulfing the player in the experience is something I haven’t experienced since the Gamecube days.

Couch Co-Op Proves To Be King Once Again.

maxresdefault (1)

[Credit: StudioHDMR Entertainment]

Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for great online multi-player but there is something special about couch co-op that really gets me excited about playing a game. Playing with someone else is the ideal way to enjoy Cuphead and without that experience, you are really missing out on a very intense aspect of the game.

When you are finally at the end of a boss fight and your partner goes down and the fate of the entire level is on you it gets very intense, to say the least. The rush that you get from finally completing a grueling, frustrating and nearly impossible level is so rewarding and is unmatched in many other games.

Cuphead Is A $20 Masterpiece.

maxresdefault (2)

[Credit: StudioHDMR Entertainment]

In the age of half of a game being locked behind an additional $60 DLC, or an unbalanced loot box system, Cuphead is a welcomed sight to us as gamers. It is proof that real game developers exist and we can count of studios such as MDHR to produce quality games with no B.S. I salute MDHR for the masterpiece they have created and I am sure that with the immense success the game has endured we will undoubtedly deserve a sequel.

This game will hopefully help shift the narrative of the gaming industry as a whole and end this cash grab nonsense that has plagued it for the last few years. Cuphead offers us hope that the gaming industry can return to its former glory and bring back what made video games truly great.

What do you think of Cuphead? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!



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