Bad News, Guys: Michael Bay Will NOT Have Any Part In The Live-Action ‘Dora the Explorer’ After All

This week, the Internet broke out in a mixture of joy and confusion when it was announced that a live-action Dora the Explorer was in the works, to be directed by Michael Bay. Bay has a track-record of creating dark and gritty, live-action reboots of kids’ shows, such as the Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchises, both of whom he turned into action-filled adventures.

However, those are not in any way similar to Dora, a show which is known for its bright colors and happy-go-lucky spirit. Dora the Explorer really doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the action director, who is most notable for his excessive use of his signature explosions.

In fact, the only logical explanation fans could come up with for the decision to bring Michael Bay on board is this trailer-parody that CollegeHumor made over 5 years ago, starring Ariel Winter:

While an action-packed Dora the Explorer works great as a 2-minute trailer parody, it’s not likely to work as an actual film. This is why it came as no surprise when Collider reported that Michael Bay will play no part in the production of the film after all.

It was clarified that Platinum Dunes, the production company owned by Michael Bay, is in charge of the film’s production, but Bay himself will not be part of the process. Instead, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller, two of Bay’s partners, will be producing the film. A director is yet to be decided upon, and it’s very unlikely that Michael Bay will be selected as the director, despite the original reports.

This is probably a good thing for Dora the Explorer, because now we will likely receive a live-action kids reboot that is accurate to the original. While I was certainly curious to see the inventive twist Michael Bay would take on the Nick Jr. character, it is for the best that a different director is sought out.

Who would you like to see direct the live-action Dora the Explorer? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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