5 Villains Who May Cross Swords With Slade Wilson In The Upcoming ‘Deathstroke’ Movie

News has broken that a standalone DeathStroke movie is in the works at DC Entertainment with famed director Gareth Evans. Evans has been tapped to not only direct but to write the feature film. “True Blood” and “Magic Mike” star Joe Manganiello is attached to star as the masked villain/antihero and was previous attached to be the villain in the solo Batman film before a director shake up nixed that plan for the actor to appear in the Batman film.

Now that we know Slade Wilson is coming to the big screen, let’s take a look at 5 characters who may be set to cross swords him in the film.

5. Brother Blood

'Brother Blood' [Photo Credit: The CW]

‘Brother Blood’ [Photo Credit: The CW]

The dangerous and evil leader of “The Cult of Blood” Brother Blood has fought many heroes and villains in the DC universe. His powers include, supernatural physical strength, ageing at a much slower rate than normal humans and commanding an army of fanatics. Brother Blood would be a dangerous foe for Slade Wilson and would also be a match for him in power and strength, if used as the films villain he would add a layer of horror that other villains would lack.

4. Bronze Tiger

'Bronze Tiger'[Photo Credit: DC Comics]

‘Bronze Tiger'[Photo Credit: DC Comics]

Is a villain who has appeared all over the DC world, he has been a member of the League of Assassins, Suicide Squad and Black Mask’s gang. The Bronze Tiger does not possess any metahuman powers, but is a master martial artist and has bested in combat Batman and Richard Dragon. Bronze Tiger would be an interesting villain for Wilson to face as he is a cunning martial artist and also would be a way to introduce the League of Assassins to the DC film universe.

3. Richard Dragon

'Richard Dragon' [Photo Credit: DC Comics]

‘Richard Dragon’ [Photo Credit: DC Comics]

Dragon is a thief who was trained in martial arts, he walks the line between good and evil at times, he is considered to be one of the DC universe top martial artists. In the part, he has trained Wonder Woman, Huntress and many others. If Dragon was to be the villain of the new Deathstroke film, it would promise exciting fight scenes and amazing chorography, as Dragon is one of the few who could give Wilson a run for his money.

2. Grant Wilson

'Grant Wilson' [Photo Credit: The CW]

‘Grant Wilson’ [Photo Credit: The CW]

Grant Wilson is one of Slade Wilson’s sons, he was granted he same procedure his father went through making him almost superhuman by H.I.V.E, with skills that include a healing factor, super strength, enhanced senses and reflexes and he is trained as an expert martial artist. While Grant being the villain of the film would be different, it would allow for some high drama and Slade would have to come to terms with being a bad father. It would add a layer of family and showcase that actions have consequences.

1. Black Mask

'Black Mask' [Photo Credit: DC Comics]

‘Black Mask’ [Photo Credit: DC Comics]

Black Mask is a very popular villain in the DC universe. He is a ultrapowerful crime lord who controls much of Gotham’s underbelly, he is cunning and very dangerous. Black Mask does not possess any super powers; however he is an expert marksman and also his Black Mask that he wears has hypnosis-like mind controlling abilities. In various comic books, he has also been shown to be a swordsman, Black Mask would be a fantastic villain to face Slade Wilson. With his underworld connections and army of thugs he would be a clear and present danger that would be hard for Slade to overcome.


So, there are 5 villains who Slade Wilson may cross swords with, we may know very little about the upcoming film. However, it is safe to say that the film will cast Slade Wilson as more of an antihero them outright villain, as the comics have done over the last few years. He will most likely walk the line between good and evil as Deadshot did in the 2016 film Suicide Squad. The film is sure to be very exciting and will open the crime world of DC wide open.

Check out the footage of Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke

Which villain do you want to see Deathstroke face in the film? Let us know in the comments below!


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